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Servers Corner

How Do I Become A Process Server?

Ready for a career change? Becoming a process server is a rewarding career if you're honest, hardworking, and reliable. So where do you begin?

First, you need to understand what a legal process server does. A process server is hired by attorneys and legal support teams from across the country, that need legal documents served to individuals. It is then the responsibility of the process server, to properly serve the documents while abiding by the originating states laws governing the service of process.

Second, you need to understand the laws. Some states require you to be licensed, some states do not. Check out the
Process Server Laws for your state.

Third, you should get experience with a reputable process serving firm in your area. Very few careers will present you with so many unique situations that you must deal with as being a process server. Experience is by far the best teacher.

You can find Process Server Training material at Process Server Institute and at PIMall

. You can also find valuable information in these process server books