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The great grandmother has lived in her Fairfield, Conn. home since 1953, raising two sons there with her late husband. 

Now, she’s fighting her eldest son, whom she hasn’t seen in months, as he tries to force her out and sell the house.“I didn’t think he would do it,” Mary Kantorowski toldWTNH-TV.

According to the Connecticut Post, she and her husband signed the house over to their son in the 1990s under the condition that Mary would live there until her death. She still pays all her bills with her Social Security money, WTNH reported, but that didn’t stop Peter Kantorowski, 71, from serving his mother with papers in December.

He told the Post the move is meant to be for his mother’s own good.

“She would be better off living with people her own age,” Peter Kantorowski, a retired taxidermist, said.

Peter Kantorowski told WTNH his mother has fallen a few times and worries about her safety and security, though he admitted he hasn’t actually been to see her in eight months.

According to the Post, a judge went and visited Mary in her house, and following an examination by a geriatric specialist, ruled her competent to handle her own affairs and assigned attorney Richard Bortolot as a voluntary conservator. Within weeks of serving his mother with the eviction notice, Peter Kantorowski attempted to put the house up for sale — a move that was stopped in court proceedings.

“I’ve been practicing a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of nasty things and this is, you know, he’s really made the top ten list,” Bortolot told WTNH.

Mary Kantorowski‘s other son Jack told the station he’s appalled by what his older brother is doing. He said he and his fiance visit his mother twice a week.

“I just don’t understand him at all, what’s happening with him, there are no other words to call him, he’s just a scumbag,” he told WTNH.Peter Kantorowski admitted he hasn’t found a nursing home to put his mother in yet, but insisted to the station he wasn’t “throwing her on the street.

“My family’s all here, my family’s all here,” Mary Kantorowski told WTNH. 

“Well I’m all settled here, so you know I’ve got my friends.

”The case will go to court March 2.