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Aurora Colorado Process Server
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PSACO Process Server Certification Course

I recently attended the Process Servers Association of Colorado's - Process Servers Certification course and was very pleased with the information that I obtained from this 2 day course, I myself have been serving since 1994 so I have a ton of civil laws in my memory.  This course refreshed my memory and gave me more accurate up to date information on many of the laws that changed in the last 20 years.  

Even though you do not need to be Certified in Colorado to be a Process Server I feel that the course will help all process servers in effectuating service more efficient and timely.

Project Documentation

What is “Project Documentation”?

“Project Documentation” is a program to document service attempts at location(s), where service is blocked or denied at an individual’s workplace or residence, or a company’s place of business.
The data collected, will assist PSACO’s presentation to the Colorado Legislature in 2015. Data collected we be held in the strictest confidence and not distributed to the public.


PSACO will address the Colorado Legislature in 2015 in an attempt to gain access or assistance to effect service of process in gated and/or secure communities and non-government businesses.

Back in the Saddle

Well as some may know I stepped out of the business for a few months but I am back in the swing of things on Monday February 10, 2014 I have taken back the Operations and Ownership of Roland Process Service & Investigations, LLC.  The ironic part is I originally started my business back on February 10, 2010... 

Service, Process, and Electronic Filing Rules Amended by Colorado Supreme Court

On July 2, 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court released numerous updates to the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure and the Colorado Rules of County Court Civil Procedure dealing with process, service of process, and the filing of pleadings. Amendments were made to the following rules:

  • CRCP Rule 4 – “Process”
  • CRCP Rule 5 – “Service and Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers”
  • CRCP Rule 121, Section 1-26 – “Electronic Filing and Serving System”
  • CRCCCP Rule 304 – “Service of Process”
  • CRCCCP Rule 305.5 – “Electronic Filing and Serving”

How Do I Become A Process Server?

Ready for a career change? Becoming a process server is a rewarding career if you're honest, hardworking, and reliable. So where do you begin?

First, you need to understand what a legal process server does. A process server is hired by attorneys and legal support teams from across the country, that need legal documents served to individuals. It is then the responsibility of the process server, to properly serve the documents while abiding by the originating states laws governing the service of process.


The great grandmother has lived in her Fairfield, Conn. home since 1953, raising two sons there with her late husband. 

Now, she’s fighting her eldest son, whom she hasn’t seen in months, as he tries to force her out and sell the house.“I didn’t think he would do it,” Mary Kantorowski toldWTNH-TV.

According to the Connecticut Post, she and her husband signed the house over to their son in the 1990s under the condition that Mary would live there until her death.

Process server shot by Prescott man after serving papers

fugitive at largePrescott police arrested a man Saturday on charges including attempted second-degree murder after a process server who posted papers at the man's home told police the man shot him in the back as he walked back to his vehicle.

An officer booked Larry Stewart, 57, of Prescott into the Yavapai County Jail on charges of attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault and three counts of firing a weapon in city limits.

Bob Palmer of Palmer Investigations said on Saturday his employee was serving Stewart with a civil summons and complaint.

9/II/2001 - In Honor of the Victims and the Heroes

In-Remembrance-September 11, 2001For the2,973 people who perished September 11, 2001 after hijacked planes crashedin New York City in Arlington, Virginia and in Pennsylvania. The victims were mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of many faiths and races who came from more than 80 nations.  All who were killed died working and living the American dream.
At the World Trade Center
ground%20zero%20lightsAn earlier terrorist bombing of the towers killed six people on February 26, 1993, but left the twin towers standing.

Aurora Colorado Process Server

AURORA- A Colorado process server while attempting to discharge their official duties of serving legal notice was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and battery.
Ellana DeLoach, a Colorado private process-server, while on duty April 27,2008 was attempting to serve legal notice on Quan Reeder at the Pacesetter Motel located at 14291 E. Colfax Ave. Unit #33.
According to the police report, DeLoach approached unit #33 and knocked on the door and waited. In DeLoach's statement she claims that she saw someone moving around inside the unit and refused to answer the door.

Process Server Trespass Issues

A process server presents court summons and other legal documentation to those who are involved in court cases. Service of process is an extremely important step in the legal process, as it ensures that all parties have an equal opportunity to present a case. However, accepting the served documents obligates the recipient to participate in the proceedings or risk consequences. Some would-be recipients are aware of this fact and try to avoid accepting the documents. Responsibility then falls to the process server to ensure that the documents are properly served to the unwilling recipient.